Patient Reviews


Patient Reviews

I recently broke my nose in an accident and, unfortunately, know what it feels like to have my nose blocked. It is absolutely horrific; not able to breathe at all from the nose makes it very difficult to eat, drink or sleep. Expect a mild feeling of suffocation and claustrophobia as well as plenty of anxiety.

So, when I consulted with my surgeon for a septorhinoplasty, he suggested I use the Kotler Nasal Airway to guarantee that I could breathe through the nose as I recover from surgery. I did extensive research and found that it is highly likely that the nose will be blocked using traditional silastic or Doyle splints (developed decades ago) that are used in nasal surgery. So, I gladly accepted the recommendation to use the KNA.

I’m very glad I did because the KNA was a lifesaver for me. I was able to comfortably breathe for the important, first 48 hours post-surgery when swelling is maximum and blockage risk is highest. On day 3, as things stabilized, I was able to remove the KNA without subsequent blockage.

As an aside, I submitted a question on the KNA website and was surprised and impressed that Dr. Kotler made himself available for a call to answer all of my questions. With decades of experience in arguably the most demanding market (Beverly Hills), his knowledge and advice has been invaluable. Further, he blew me away by checking on me regularly as I recovered from my surgery in Chicago. As I spoke to Dr. Kotler, it became clear to me that he developed this product for all the right reasons; he listened to hundreds (or thousands) of his own patients and simply wanted nasal patients to be more comfortable.

-Mark B.
Chicago, IL
April 29, 2017

“For me, the absolute worst thing about nasal surgery is the post-op packing. During the recovery from my first three surgeries elsewhere, I took pain kills back to back until the packing was out. The breathing tubes you installed made all the difference. What the tubes did was essential – they took out the torture feeling element and made those first five days tolerable and even comfortable at times.”
– Laurie Wilson

“I wanted to comment on the unbelievable results the “breathing tubes” you used provided. I have had nasal surgery without the use of your breathing tubes and the improvement in my comfort and ability to breathe during my recovery has been dramatic. I would highly recommend that anyone considering any type of surgery could benefit from the use of your nasal tubes. PLEASE USE THEM.”
– Colleen Kamens

I put off having nasal revision surgery for seven years because the nasal packing from my first surgery was such a bad experience. Dr. Kotler showed me the alternative of using nasal tubes. My mother was amazed to see me being mentally comfortable and looking relaxed compared to my first experience of wanting the packing taken out every minute. The nasal tubes are the only way to go!

“The most amazing thing was that I could breathe after surgery!!! I had never experienced this with my other surgeries nor had I ever heard of it. The fact that I could breathe out of my nose because of these tiny tubes made recovery so much more comfortable and easy. All I can say is “WOW!””
– Georgia Mayfield

“I am writing to you to let you know how much I appreciated the post-op breathing tube that you inserted for me after my nasal surgery with you last week. For me, the absolute worst thing about nasal surgery is the post-op packing. The breathing tubes you installed made all the difference. What the tubes did do was essential – Great invention Dr. Kotler!”
– Lauriann Wright

“The first time I had surgery, the packing caused the most discomfort during the recovery process. The tube was really easy to take care of and whenever I felt it getting clogged, I could flush it out and feel better. I couldn’t feel the tube in my nose and it wasn’t uncomfortable. I also felt it was easier to keep clean.”
– Michelle Ocampo

“I feel if I didn’t have the tubes in place, my anxiety level would’ve been much higher. I was able to breathe and sleep comfortably. I feel this is a must for any nasal surgery. Thanks Dr. Kotler.”
– Tina Martin

“While everything was in, I found it very helpful to be able to breathe out of one nostril versus not being able to breathe at all out of the other. If given the choice, I would opt for the tubes.”
– Don Zirlin

“The tubes made it a lot easier to breathe from my nose and it helped me sleep better being able to breathe. It was a new and positive experience.”
– Peter Chairez

“Having the tubes was much better. It allowed me to breathe through my nose, which made the whole experience less painful and more comfortable.”
– Inga Grigorian

“Even though the nasal tube required flushing when it was hard to breathe, once flushed, you were able to breathe, whereas with packing you do not get this option.”
– Gurjeet Brar

“Having the nasal tube in my right nostril only, I could definitely appreciate the ability to be able to breathe. I would definitely recommend the tube system to anyone undergoing nasal surgery.”
– Laura Meiojas

“The tube system was my “life line” in being able to breathe and relax. I cannot imagine doing this procedure without the nasal tubes.”
– Evelyn Valenzuela

“If the tubes were not in place, I would have felt more congested and even claustrophobic. It was a relief to still be able to breathe!”
– Rebecca Nelson

“My experience with the tube was great. It was very easy to breathe. I would recommend it to a friend/fam.”
– Orly Kashri

“It was great to be able to breathe, and not having packing on both sides.”
– Amy Gomez